Here’s the quick summary: You can get a citizenship by investment in Cyprus without having to give your money to a tax office and without having to go through the whole immigration process.

Why Do I Need A Citizenship by Investment Program?

This may be a question that you have been asked many times. So, to answer it, the most important reason that you want to invest in Cyprus is because of the generous tax rates. If you are an American or a Brit living in Cyprus, you can easily invest about 100 thousand dollars in an investment account that would bring you to 2.5 million dollars.

However, that number is not just about how many hundred thousand dollars you can get.

So many folks chat about it these days

It is a topic that is used for making profit in a short term, or for selling your house. If you decide to buy a property in Cyprus in the future, you can get all the benefits of Cyprus citizenship and the best part is that you can earn up to 20% commission of the purchase price.

1) Why is Cyprus a good choice for foreign investment? Before I explain why Cyprus is a good place to invest, let’s look at the history of Cyprus. The country started off as a French colony. In 1848, it became a British colony. After independence, the British government decided to sell the islands to France and became the French Overseas Territories. So, from 1850 to 1967, it has been a British Overseas Territory, and in 1967, it became part of the European Economic Community. Cyprus became a member of the EU in 2004. As a result, Cyprus was able to adopt many EU laws. So, you can invest and enjoy all the benefits that come with membership in the EU.

So, for example, it can now have access to the European Investment Bank and all its benefits, including the ability to trade with Europe.

Keep these facts in mind

What are the rules for the tax and transfer taxes on the investor and how can I pay the tax if I buy a property in Cyprus? The rule of no double taxation is a common theme among many countries around the world. The rules of double taxation are applicable in the United States and many European countries. However, there are certain situations that you may want to avoid. To avoid double taxation, the investor may want to: Be aware that the IRS has issued a Notice in May 2014 on the rules regarding tax reporting of capital gains from foreign source properties. This Notice was issued to help the IRS to clarify the rules that apply to the sale of certain kinds of foreign real estate to a nonresident. In this Guide, we will be focusing on the rules regarding the taxation of the investor’s gain, as well as what tax the investor would have to pay if he bought property in Cyprus to invest in a property with a value below €100,0

Don’t believe what a lot of folks claim

1) You need to invest over €2 million for your citizenship in order to be entitled to apply for citizenship. 2) You need to live in Cyprus for 5 years for citizenship. 3) You can’t get citizenship at any age as long as you have the money. 4) You have to be a permanent resident of Cyprus and be willing to pay any taxes. I will explain why all of this is not true. The “tax” on this is basically a special tax which applies when you invest in a non-residential property. The main reason why I am not telling you about this is the fact that most people are not very familiar with it, and you will be a victim if you try to apply for a passport without a “tax” attached to it. However, if you really want to get to know more about it, I recommend you to have a look at the following articles. 1) The guide to Cyprus citizenship by investment by an experienced professional 2) Cyprus, a world of its own – a short video documentary with some very interesting facts about Cyprus 3) Cyprus – a short article from a real Cyprus citizen 4) Cyprus and its people – a video documentary of the local people about Cyprus.

Frequently asked questions

What is it?

I guess most people think Guide to Cyprus is a tax planning website or that it is a business to promote investments to Cyprus citizens. It is neither, it is the guide to Cyprus citizenship by investment.

Here I will tell you about the rules, procedures, benefits and obligations of this citizenship by investment.

I am sure it would be a wonderful thing to do your best at Cyprus. In a way it will be the best decision you can make after considering everything and it would be the right decision for you to make . What you should look out for here is: How to apply? If you are applying for citizenship of Cyprus you need to take a short break from your job. After you have applied to register in Cyprus you should come back to your job or study for a few months. It is best to choose one that has a good reputation for being a good place to start your career.

My guide helps you to do the first steps

1. Get your citizenship through a reputable agent

It is important to know that there is no one who can help you obtain your Cyprus citizenship. All the agents who offer you this service are totally illegal and have nothing to do with any legitimate business. The only reason I can find to recommend them is that they have been helping me for a year, so they have good experience with this subject.

I recommend to take the following steps before you go to a trustworthy agent: 1. Determine the legal entity that will be granted your citizenship. I advise to do this in two steps. The first step is that you must ask yourself what legal entity (or a legal entity that you have) that you are going to be a part of. 2. Ask your family member, spouse, or business partner for permission to become a citizen. 3. Wait for the law to be changed and to start the process of acquiring your citizenship by investment.